Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Controllers


Do I need an EFI controller?
Most new power sports vehicles come equipped with an ECU map developed by the OEM manufacturer to pass federal regulations. The stock ECU map does allow for small fuel changes to compensate for temperature changes, altitude changes,...etc, but does not allow the end user to make adjustments for additional modifications which affect the air flow like after market exhaust systems and air filters. EFI controllers are just like buying a jet kit for a carburetor vehicle. Even a stock vehicle can benefit from an EFI controller, but if you plan to do any other performance modifications to your vehicle then you should start with an EFI controller which allows you to tune the fuel.

What is the difference between the TFI and EJK controller?
The TFI is tuned with a screwdriver and the EJK uses push buttons.

How do I adjust my TFI controller?
Adjusting the TFI is done with a screwdriver. The TFI has four adjusting pots. The Green or Cruise Fuel Pot which functions like a fuel mixture screw on a carburetor. The Yellow or Accleration Fuel Pot which functions like an accelerator pump or needle on a carburetor. The Red or Full Throttle Fuel Pot which functions like a main jet on a carburetor. And a RPM Switch Pot which depending on the application determines when the Green Fuel Zone shuts off or when the Red Fuel Zone turns on.

How do I adjust my EJK controller?
EJK controllers come preset for an air filter change and exhaust system change. For the majority of riders the EJK controller is a complete Plug N Play unit. We recommend to install the product and drive your vehicle with these settings before making any adjustments. For example:Popping exhaust, the mode to adjust on EJK controllers for popping issues is the YELLOW mode. Some applications have a de-accelerating fueling mode which can be adjusted to help cure decel popping. If the decel mode is not present, then try adjusting the YELLOW mode up 1 light setting and note the results.If things do not change or get worse then try lowering the setting.

Does the tuner add or reduce fuel?
There are two tuners, the TFI and EJK. The TFI product line only adds fuel. Most of the time when you modify the vehicle you have to add fuel to obtain peak performance. Fuel systems are mapped by the factory to be lean in everyday driving conditions in order to meet emission standards. If you modify your vehicle with an aftermarket exhaust system you lean out the fuel mixture even more. In certain instances you do have to pull fuel and for those you will have to use the EJK or higher technology which has this ability. However, the TFI performs well with the majority aftermarket exhaust systems which require fuel to be added.

I am going to ride in the mountains will I need to lean out the tune?
Normally no. All of the factory-specified and required settings for temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure adjustments are still made by the ECU.

If I add more performance parts what will I need to do?
On the TFI most of the time you will just have to adjust the pot settings to reflect the new modifications. On the EJK just adjust the buttons. NO downloads. NO computers. It's that easy.