1. Measure jet dimensions. Measure the dimensions and read the number printed on the jet in your bike before ordering new jets. If dimensions don't match what we have listed don't buy the jet. It does not matter if we list it as a fit or not- if the dimensions don't match IT WILL NOT WORK. If dimensions don't match what is listed try our "identify an unknown jet" here FAQs.  Lastly send year, make, model, cc and a picture of the jet to us. We emphasize measuring jets before ordering because we want everyone to get the correct jets. There are no returns on jetting products because people drill out jets, test and tune, and otherwise damage the critical components of the jet. While the no return policy is a bad thing for customers that don't measure, it protects everyone from buying jets that have been modified or damaged.  We only sell brand new, pricision machined jets, with correct flow rates. We cannot allow drilled or damaged jets to get to a customer. If in doubt don't order. If you don't like the strict return policy order from places that have liberal return policies.

2. Confirm ship to address. Before approving payment be sure to confirm correct ship to address- paypal users pay special attention as paypal retains old shipping addresses.  We will not change the ship to address because that is what credit card fraudsters do. After order is placed we will not change the ship to address- do not ask us to change it.

3. Want expedited shipping, or want to know when the order will ship? Click "shipping" on top left of page for options, we cannot change shipping after checkout is complete.