World wide shipping (fees average $15 to $35)

Read below and email NOT mike, everyone seems to miss that :)

It is an international order if it ships outside of the USA and/or if the account is non-USA. We only accept these payment methods due to the high amount of false credit cards used internationally, for more information see international fee reasons. In particular we see high fraud via Canada, therefore any Canadian order is treated as international and subject to the fees on this page.

To get a quote provide the information in steps 1 thru 5 below. 

1) Tell us payment method:
Canadian postal money orders
United States postal money order
USA dollars

2) Provide ship to address in this format EXACTLY. We want to be sure your package arrives. Fill in ALL information below EXACTLY as listed and provide with quote request. If any information is left blank, that is how we will ship it. We understand some countries do not have states, zip codes and other variations:
Payment method:
Postal Code:
Phone number: This is for the shipper (we don't need it and we don't share it).

3) Add items to shopping cart.

4) Copy and paste the entire cart into the email with quantity, prices subtotal and grand total. Your quote request should look like the green area example below. We need everything shown below. Be sure to inclued RED items.

If unsure how to “copy and paste” follow steps A, B, C below.

A) Select or "highlight" the items added to the shopping cart including the total price amount by dragging over the text with the pointing-device or holding down the shift key while using the arrow keys to move the text cursor.

B) Perform a "copy" via key combination Ctrl+c  or other means.

C) Select a spot in the email and click an insertion point, then perform a "paste" via key combination of Ctrl+v.

5) Get quote: by sending payment method, ship to address and shopping cart to

Sometimes people choose to send cash. There is a risk sending cash and we are not responsible if the cash is lost or stolen in the mail. If cash is shipped insure the package for the amount of cash in it. Tracking is may or may not be available, depends if the destination country works with the USPS tracking system. We do not provide insurance and we do not guarantee against damage. We do not guarantee package arrival. We do not pay customs fees.

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Tracking is sometimes available in the countries below:

New Zealand