We charge a higher shipping and handling fees to any transaction that has a high potential for fraud. It is very high in Canada, therefore Canada is considered international. We are not indicating any particular person is behaving in a fraudulent manner.  We have found over the years that if a person is in the USA and has a USA account then the transaction has a low rate of fraud and is a safe sale.  We see fraud occur in situations where the transaction does not meet those safe sale conditions for example outside USA and/or no USA account.  We won't  explain how the fraud occurs because we don't want to educate potential thieves on how to steal. To be able to sell parts internationally and keep prices low for everyone we had to go to a different sales method for people that don't meet the safe sale requirements. Most of our customers understand fraud is a cost to everyone in the world is today.

The international sales method is time consuming due to language barriers, the variable nature of shipping fees to multiple countries and the documentation we have to provide. Unfortunately the dishonest people are the ones causing the price increase.