Accelerator pump kit

Air cut off valve


Bolts, nuts, screws


Carb boots

Carb parts exploded view

Carb drain screw

Carb rebuild kit

Carb slide diaphragm


Choke repair kit



Emulsion tubes




Float and float pins

Float bowl gaskets

Float needle valves

Float needle valve by mfgr

Fuel filters

Fuel injection tuners

Fuel line

Fuel pump & rebuild kits

Fuel valves

Fuel vents



Handlebar pads

Handlebar riser

Intake flange, mounting flange, manifolds


Light LED bracket

Mixture screws


Needle jets

Needle valve

Nuts and bolts

Oil drain plugs

Oil filters

Oil filter bolts


Petcock and diaphragm

Pictures customer

Pilot screw


Pistons rings

Rebuild kits



Spark plugs




Valve shims

Wire loom

Customer service






We only accept United States Postal Money Order and Canadian Postal Money Order (Reminder: ALL FUNDS MUST BE IN US dollars).

If paying by money order make payable to "Jets R Us Inc."

In order to ensure the package is shipped to the correct address please make a shipping label with the 'ship to' address on a piece of paper about 2" X 3". The package will be shipped with the label you provide, THE LABLE WITH ADDRESS MUST BE TYPED, or provided on a paper and we will cut it out. Include your email address.

To calculate you total you can either submit a list of items along with the prices. A better method is to "add items to cart" once you have all the items you wish to purchase just print the shopping cart page (that will give us the part numbers).

Next go to the main page and click on the shipping fee link on the left side of the page. Add the shipping fee to the order.

If you are in Missouri tax needs to be added. The Missouri sales tax rate is 6.058%. To find the total with sales tax multiply the total sale price by 1.06058 . Be sure to include your email address in case there is a problem with your order.

What to send with your email to us:
A) Add items to shopping cart as you would normally.
B) Copy and paste the entire shopping cart with totals in an email mike@jetsrus.com for shipping cost (if outside USA), if inside USA your shopping cart will add the flat rate fee.
C) We will reply with total amount in USA dollars.


What to send in the envelope to us (4 ITEMS):
1) A copy of the shopping cart.
2) ONLY United States postal money order OR Canadian postal money order.
3) Your email.
4) TYPED pre-printed shipping label that can be taped to the package. The pre-printed label can be about 2 inch by 3 inch paper with your name and address on it (this insures we won't make a typographical error on the label).

Send to:

Jets R Us Inc.
P.O. Box 512
Marshfield, MO 65706-9998