Forward the paypal payment receipt-we can't find the order if it is not provided-DO NOT send a screen shot.

SPAM filter deletes emails that have blank subject line.

Expedited shipping

Tuning rejetting and other tips

Identify that jet

International orders

Returning jets? Read the main website page at the top of the page under "Jetsrus Inc"

"You sent the wrong jets "

If the jets we sent don't match the dimensions we listed we will correct that, let us know in an email that the jets received don't match the dimensions we list-yes we make mistakes.

If the jets purchased match our dimensions the jets are yours to keep. It is each persons responsibility to measure FIRST we cannot measure for you. We protect our customers from getting drilled out used jets. We don't refund or exchange on jetting products because people do bad things like drill out jets and test and tune. We cannot take used jetting parts back because we don't sell used parts. We pride ourselves on selling brand new, unmolested jets- you purchase from us to get accurate jets and that is why we won’t take jets back.  Please don't waste our time with stupid excuses- changed mind, sold the bike, it was stolen from yard, doesn’t run good. Even after reading this some idiot will blame us because they did not measure.

Always measure jets BEFORE ordering. We just cannot seem to say that enough. By the way did we mention to measure before ordering? In the time it took to read this page another jet was ordered without being measured-help stamp out this epidemic. 

email Not sure what jet you need? Email us BEFORE you order. Ordered the wrong jets? Read above item 2 before emailing us?  Wall of shame: Don’t be like the guy here and blame us because you didn’t measure the jets first. Customers who are rude and think they should be able to return used or drilled out jets end up on the wall of shame ( the wall of shame is specifically for jets, we understand issues with other parts but the purchase of incorrect jets is 100% avoidable by measuring). We are thinking of making a web page of "special" people who order the wrong jets and think they should be able to return them- they raise your cost. What do you think we should name the special page?