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For exploded view carb parts
HSR42-45-48 new style parts exploded view
HSR42-45-48 old style parts exploded view


Contains 17.5 pilot jet, 98 needle and 50 accel pump nozzle (not suggested for use with big cams or straight pipes)

HSR42 kit order VM28/486 17.5, needle J8-8DDY01-98, accel pump noz 007-485
HSR45 kit order VM28/486 17.5, needle J8-8CFY02-98, accel pump noz 007-485
HSR48 kit order VM28/486 17.5, needle J8-8CFY15-98, accel pump noz 007-485

HSR42/45/48 Carburetor Rebuild Kits
HSR42/45 Carburetor Rebuild Kits KHS-016 with 4.2 Needle Vlv. Assy 002-989
HSR48 Carburetor Rebuild Kits KHS-031 with 4.5 Needle Vlv Assy 002-982
(2.3) Fuel Pump 786-27001 007-478
(3.5) Offroad 786-27001 007-477
(4.2) Std on HSR42/45 786-27001 007-476
(4.5) Std on HSR48 786-27002-1A-4.5 007-708
O-ring for Needle Valve Seat 616-33003 007-470
Standard TM42/11-70 007-487
Leaner TM42/11-60 007-486
Leanest TM42/11-50 007-485
Main Jet Extender Kit KHS-034 002-978
Click here for mounting flanges

HSR 42 needles

#8DDY01-98 2.98 007-083
#8DDY01-97 2.97 007-082
#8DDY01-96 2.96 007-081
#8DDY01-95 2.95 007-080

HSR 45 needles

#8CFY02-98 2.98 007-103
#8CFY02-97 2.97 007-102
#8CFY02-96 2.96 007-101
#8CFY02-95 2.95 007-100

HSR 48 needles

#8CFY15-98 2.98 007-098
#8CFY15-97 2.97 007-097
#8CFY15-96 2.96 007-096
#8CFY15-95 2.95 007-095
Kit includes air box adapter, qt 3 screws and o-ring Mikuni part HS42-001K 007-455
Air Box Adapter HS42/001 007-450
Adapter Screw HS42/002 007-453
O-Ring Seal for Air Box Adapter HS42/003 007-454

HS42/067 Air Filter Bracket 007-764

HS42/019 Air Filter Bracket 007-465

HSR Short Idle Screw (Optional)

No.55A in old style HSR and No. 59A in New Style HSR. Optional shorter length for all HSR42/45/48.
Sold each. Mikuni No. Order No. 990-605-065 007-484
Note: Do not modify the idle screw or any of its component pieces. If the screw is removed, be sure to
re-install with the components in place as shown in the exploded view links above.

HSR short idle screw 990-605-065 007-484
HSR chrome carb top KHS-029 002-991
Mikuni HSR HSR42/45/48 choke cable assembly 990-662-002 007-208
Mikuni HSR HS40 choke cable assembly 990-662-001 007-209
Choke Pull Assembly TM29/31 007-761
HSR Crankcase Head-Breather KitMikuni No. KHS20 002-984
HSR Crankcase Head-Breather KitMikuni No. KHS30 002-981

Fitment: 1970 to 1995 Screw in Type for Early HSR42/45

Open (Pull) Cable Standard (38”) HS42/028A 007-451
Close (Push) Cable Standard (38”) HS42/029A 007-452
Open (Pull) Cable Dresser (47”) KHS/039 007-550
Close (Push) Cable Dresser (47”) KHS/040 007-551

Fitment: 1996 to Present Push in Type

Open (Pull) Cable Standard (38”) KHS/043 007-554
Close (Push) Cable Standard (38”) KHS/044 007-555
Open (Pull) Cable Dresser (47”) KHS/041 007-552
Close (Push) Cable Dresser (47”) KHS/042 007-553

Mikuni HSR smoothbore carbs and kits for Harley-Davidson

42mm Carb only, standard finish TM42-6 001-549 (use stock choke cable from H-D CVK type carb.)
42mm Carb only, polished finish TM42-6PK 001-551
45mm Carb only, standard finish TM45-2K 001-554
45mm Carb only, polished finish TM45-2PK 001-555
48mm Carb only, standard finish TM48-1 001-558
48mm Carb only, polished finish TM48-1PK 001-559
Carburetor Kit HSR 42-7 (001-602)
Carburetor Kit HSR 42-8 (001-603)
Carburetor Kit HSR 42-10 (001-605)
Carburetor Kit HSR 42-19 (001-622)
Pilot jet VM28/486
Main jet N100.604